Glee Covers On Demand!
Glee Covers On Demand!
Your buddy making the covers for your music
posted 1 hour ago
ronrebel → did you ever make a Sugar background strip?

posted 4 hours ago
Requests still wide open

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The Best of Ryley 

#strip #ryley #ryder lynn #Marley Rose #glee

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Love is a battlefield as requested by RonRebel 

#strip #klaine #love is a battlefield #Darren Criss #tested

posted 7 hours ago
ronrebel → could you also make a background strip for Love is a Battlefield please?

As soon as the screen caps are out!

UPDATE: The caps are out!


posted 7 hours ago
futuremrastin → As a favor, could you make a Best of Ryley cover? I can make a strip for it if you want too.

On it!

posted 7 hours ago
Strip request are OPEN

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Broadway Baby! w/ Strip. 

#broadway baby #Darren Criss #Lea Michelle #Blaine Andrson #strip

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RonRebel - That was the best I could do 

RonRebel - That was the best I could do 

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Any Requests? :3